Spring Refurbishments

04 April 2018

Winter has come and gone and spring is on the way! Spring is known for fresh starts and rebirth, so what better time is there to make changes to your workplace?

Longer days mean more light, and natural light has been proven to improve both the productivity of staff, and the energy efficiency of a building. Access to natural light is considered by many as the most important feature in an office as it improves moods, reduces stress and positively impacts brain function.

So how can you maximise natural light in your office design or refurbishment?

Open up your space

The easiest way to introduce more natural light into your workplace is to create an open-plan working environment. For private offices, consider using transparent partitions such as glass to allow more light to flow through the room. A larger, open-plan space also allows employees to move about more freely which is also thought to improve productivity – no one enjoys being trapped in a small space for several hours per day!

Don’t overdo the design

It’s important to ensure that light can travel freely throughout your workplace. Bulky furniture can simply just get in the way and reduce the positive impact that wall to wall windows of light can bring.

Choose the correct surfaces

Sleek surfaces, rather than matte finishes, will reflect the natural lighting throughout your workplace in the same way that mirrors can. From counters, to desks, cabinets and partitions, there are plenty of ways to seamlessly integrate reflective surfaces into your space.

We have many years of experience in the design and refurbishment of exceptional workplaces. Our team will use their expertise to help you with your office design, space planning and hands on project management, helping you create a modern and functional space, on time, on brand, and on budget.

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