Is your reception area doing your business justice?

25 April 2018

We’ve all heard the saying “first impressions count”, and this couldn’t be truer for the first impression a customer or client receives of a business when they first enter your reception area.

Every customer, client, visitor or potential employee will form an opinion based on the design, layout and presentation of your reception area. A good first impression can be the starting point to creating a great lasting impression, which is why it’s really worth investing time and money to ensure that your reception area is the best it can be.

A thoroughly thought-out reception area can communicate your company’s values and beliefs and set the tone for what your visitors might expect from your company. Whatever your company values are – the right reception area can create a lasting, memorable visual image.

Arguably the most important item in a reception area is the reception desk which will be the first place visitors head towards. It’s really worth investing in a good quality, large reception desk that will allow for eye-catching accessories to reflect the personality of the business. Reception desks can come in many different materials, from glass, wood and even steel, and bespoke desks are also becoming increasingly popular. The perfect reception desk will look the part, but also be a multi-functional workspace.

It’s also worth putting thought into the colour scheme of your reception area. Neutral colours that inspire calm and tranquillity are always a safe bet, but big brands like Google are often praised for their use of their bright brand colours which add a real sense of personality to the business.

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